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Telepath, Akashic Records, Theta Healer
Address: Ireland
Brief info

Who I am today I owe to many experiences in my life. Since I was a child, I felt that the world is not only material and shallowly emotional but also deeply spiritual, I also felt that this spirituality may and should be manifested in physicality. Life, however, proved to me at every step that how intuitively the world feels cannot be translated into "real life". In the course of the process, however, I understood that it must and should translate because it is important to live according to your truth. This is what prompted me to work on myself and thus share it with others. That is why I read the Akashic Records with great passion, I have a certificate in In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy, along the way my curiosity and willingness to develop also led me to Total Biology, Two-point, and the Theta Healing method, which I have studied all the time. I am also a telepath in Grifasi hypnotic regression sessions.

*Sessions in Polish only.