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Telepath, Theta Healer
Address: Ireland
Brief info

Sometimes life goes on as if we have no influence on it, we think that we have no influence on all unpleasant situations and we ask ourselves the question "Why is it happening to us?", "Why do some situations hurt us so much and sit in us ?!". In my work with myself and with people, I noticed that deep inside our interior not only lies the answer but also the solution, but sometimes it is covered with certain programs and schemes that block understanding. By exploring your emotions, getting to know yourself, you can recognize what is really blocking us and at what point we gave our permission to do so. Each of us has so much strength and beauty to create ourselves with our lives, feelings and thoughts because what we feel at a given moment is only our feeling that we let into ourselves. The trick is, among other things, to learn to consciously live in harmony with yourself. Then, even when difficult situations arise, the approach to the changes, we see them from a different perspective. People we meet can also be teachers. Being an observer of yourself also gives you liberation. "The ideal of beauty is different when you see the soul instead of the body." And this is the path I want to follow. By developing and working with different dimensions, I explored different methods and my own understanding and working with them. I am also a certified Theta Healing therapist and a telepath in regression hypnosis.

*Sessions in Polish only