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During the session number 4 of Theta Healing with Emilia it was not going back and refreshing it was actually moving on forwards from where I left off last time. Continuing to grow and expand.

Walking out the door I felt so switched on like I can take on a marathon!

This enhanced state would be a substantial performance advantage for any competitive sport. If I only had a Theta session before my motor sports, car or ski racing.

I noticed enhanced intuition with massive amounts of clarity. More observation and focused heightened awareness.

With so much sensory input, I didn’t even bother with the radio with the music while driving.

I felt a strong element of intense invincibility with a smooth calm razer point focus, a greater potential for increase decisiveness. I also experienced enhanced spatial awareness and greater multitasking ability. 

In 30 years of trying virtually all therapies I can this is one of the most powerful transformational shifts a person can achieve.

I recommended this experience for all.