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The first session was very intense, but I had a lot going on.  It took me a week or so to start ‘integrating’ once I did, I booked in my next session.  From here on my sessions left me feeling like I wanted to skip everywhere.  I had an enormous amount of positive energy which made me feel like I could achieve anything.

Small changes around me began happening.  It was incredible to witness as the changes all started from me changing my energy from within. Emilia helped me achieve this.

After the sessions, the lightness I have felt has been immense and very freeing.  It allows me to get on with my day-to-day with great ease.

I have had a short break from the sessions, but I can still feel the benefits from my past sessions.  My thought process is different, so I approach things differently to the way I did before as the heavy energy has gone.  It has changed my worldview and it feels incredible.  I do not take on other people’s energy and problems like I used too.  I know I can be there for them without giving my energy away.  The feelings of frustration I used to get from time to time seem to have dissipated.

I know anything is possible and I really can achieve all I want to achieve.

I will continue to see Emilia for more session not because I feel I must.  I feel I have begun a journey and it has only just started.  It is extremely exciting to wonder where it will take me.

On a final note, I think everyone needs Emilia in their lives!