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When I remember the first meetings with Emilia, I think of the metaphor of a journey in which we discover ourselves deeper and deeper – layer by layer.

The process from the surface seems light, poetic, pleasant as a whole, because the state of relaxation and pleasant visualization that Emilia introduces during the session and takes us on an exotic inner vacation.

Nothing more peculiar – in this subtle way will start a quiet, irreversible revolution on all levels of being…

It shows seeds of a new reality, discovers an authentic personality hidden behind layers of trauma and patterns of behaviour and thinking.

The internal propaganda that threatens us in a state of suffering and a feeling of helplessness is replaced by a new, open vision of our own possibilities and access to them.

If this ones will and determination – to work with Emilia, will come out of the prison of fear and stagnation …

Creativity, courage and passion replace the inadequate way of facing the circumstances.

Then, when it comes to unravelling the problems of everyday life, tools for this appear in unusual places naturally, by themselves…

After many years of working on myself, various possible therapies and readings, I settled in a quiet resignation that human existence is doomed to melancholic, awkward recovery from problems interspersed with crumbs of breath in moments without them – the illusion of “happiness”.

A hopeless conviction “you can’t complain, it’s not that bad … it can be worse … it’s worse for others”.

Comparing with what is saddest around us in search of a temporary reassurance that what we are in keeps us safe.

Behind the mask of stoicism, there is endless suffering as the price for this conformism.

I did not even imagine that it could be otherwise. Upbringing, school and society have conditioned us in the conviction that so little depends on us.

“It’s best” to fit in, listen to the enlightened opinions of experts on “various matters” … Let yourself be led like a trusting ship, try to get out of this frame – they’ll take you for a madman.

 Suddenly, we open our eyes and realize that we can shake off this state of omnipresent manipulation, regain a sense of efficiency and determination.

Get out of the rush of low emotions that overwhelm us, replacing it with an authentic state of freedom, happiness and joy.

Emilia helped me see the real world from a different perspective, sometimes shocking and painful when facing it.

Then she showed me how to shape it in an extraordinary way. There are new directions and desires associated with it.

The changes that started to take place in my life are indescribable due to their extent…

Motivation only increases because it turns out that everything is possible and within everyone’s reach.

«This is a dream. I am free. I can change. »Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Emilko, thank you with all my heart for all that I am not able to include in a simple comment, you know yourself – there is no way to hide anything from you;) …