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Heal and Free Your Trueself With Emilia

I am certified practitioner of many modalities such as: Theta Healing, Energy Medicine, Regressive Hypnosis, Akashic Records and Feng Shui. I also work as telepath, chaneller and intuitive counsellor.
The bases of my work is self-empowerment through release of traumas from incarnations, cancelling any outdated agreements, changing beliefs, programs and releasing self-sabotaging patterns.
When given permission I have an ability, to look into your system and pinpoint what is behind the root of the blockages, bring them up and transform them in an extremely efficient way.

About Emilia

My Journey

From a young age, I often felt outside of this world, not understanding why the people around me behaved as they did. I could hear, feel, and sense their emotions, intentions, and soul’s longings vividly within my body and mind, most times before they did themselves. I would watch in confusion as they would reject or hide these things from themselves and others, making choices in the opposite of their true knowing. But at the time I couldn’t understand why I was perceiving reality in this way.                                                                                             


When my daughter was born, I experienced a spiritual awakening and started my self-healing journey. I discovered that working with energies and seeing different realms is as natural to me as breathing. I worked with tens of different modalities and I not only healed my wounds but also expanded my abilities in the way that my life has shifted to a new dimension.  The memory from different lifetimes not only on Earth was gradually coming back.


I always felt deep inside that I am here to shift the human lives to a completely different level. Before I realized it, I was already doing it.


What normally would take years to transform can be transformed in a moment. Often people say after the sessions, “It feels like l shifted to a new timeline without the baggage I was carrying in the previous one”


The way I work can support you to totally reset transform your inner world in a way that will match your soul vibration if you are open and ready for it.


With love

Emilia Smolinska

Benefits of Methods I Work With

  • Reveals your creative potential
  • Puts an end to fears and phobias
  • Frees you from addictions and habits
  • Makes your spiritual connection deeper
  • Aids you in attaining personal freedom
  • Helps you to be healthier and feel well
  • Reveals your perfect career
  • Heals physical illnesses
  • Treats emotional problems and trauma
  • Assists in becoming more confident
  • Manifests your dreams and goals
  • Teaches you how to grow harmonious relationships
  • Unlocks your Genius Potential
  • Creates abundance and wealth
Professional Services
Years of Practice
Happy Clients


What people say about Emilia? Click on each to read the full testimonial.

Elena WItaly/UK
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The Theta Healing sessions I had with Emilia healed wounds that I had for a very long time. I finally remembered who I really am and help me receiving all the love and happiness I deserve. I truly hope every single living being could experience, at least once the incredible magic that is revealed through Theta Healing.
Dr Robert CladAustralia
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In 30 years of trying virtually all therapies I can say Theta Healing session is one of the most powerful transformational shifts a person can achieve. I recommended this experience for all.
Kuldip Shah, UK
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After the sessions, the lightness I have felt has been immense and very freeing. It allows me to get on with my day-to-day with great ease. I know anything is possible and I really can achieve all I want to achieve.
Magda Rodini-GiliFrance
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Emilia showed me how to shape my world in an extraordinary way. There are new directions and desires associated with it. The changes that started to take place in my life are indescribable due to their extent... Motivation only increases because it turns out that everything is possible and within everyone's reach.
Aga PendrakUK
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I recommend sessions with Emilka to anyone who want to change it’s like for better. It has to be experienced because no words can describe it, everything I want to say.
Sylwia DmochowskaUK
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I feel like I am starting to truly live, not just be. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart to anyone who wants to take care of themselves and is open to new experiences from a higher dimension.