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The Theta Healing sessions I had with Emilia healed wounds that I had for a very long time. I finally remembered who I really am and help me receiving all the love and happiness I deserve.  I truly hope every single living being could experience, at least once the incredible magic that is revealed through Theta Healing.

Elena W

Elena W


During the session number 4 of Theta Healing with Emilia it was not going back and refreshing it was actually moving on forwards from where I left off last time. Continuing to grow and expand.

Walking out the door I felt so switched on like I can take on a marathon!

This enhanced state would be a substantial performance advantage for any competitive sport. If I only had a Theta session before my motor sports, car or ski racing.

I noticed enhanced intuition with massive amounts of clarity. More observation and focused heightened awareness.

With so much sensory input, I didn’t even bother with the radio with the music while driving.

I felt a strong element of intense invincibility with a smooth calm razer point focus, a greater potential for increase decisiveness. I also experienced enhanced spatial awareness and greater multitasking ability. 

In 30 years of trying virtually all therapies I can this is one of the most powerful transformational shifts a person can achieve.

I recommended this experience for all.

Dr Robert Clad

Dr Robert Clad


The first session was very intense, but I had a lot going on.  It took me a week or so to start ‘integrating’ once I did, I booked in my next session.  From here on my sessions left me feeling like I wanted to skip everywhere.  I had an enormous amount of positive energy which made me feel like I could achieve anything.

Small changes around me began happening.  It was incredible to witness as the changes all started from me changing my energy from within. Emilia helped me achieve this.

After the sessions, the lightness I have felt has been immense and very freeing.  It allows me to get on with my day-to-day with great ease.

I have had a short break from the sessions, but I can still feel the benefits from my past sessions.  My thought process is different, so I approach things differently to the way I did before as the heavy energy has gone.  It has changed my worldview and it feels incredible.  I do not take on other people’s energy and problems like I used too.  I know I can be there for them without giving my energy away.  The feelings of frustration I used to get from time to time seem to have dissipated.

I know anything is possible and I really can achieve all I want to achieve.

I will continue to see Emilia for more session not because I feel I must.  I feel I have begun a journey and it has only just started.  It is extremely exciting to wonder where it will take me.

On a final note, I think everyone needs Emilia in their lives!

Kuldip Shah

Kuldip Shah


When I remember the first meetings with Emilia, I think of the metaphor of a journey in which we discover ourselves deeper and deeper – layer by layer.

The process from the surface seems light, poetic, pleasant as a whole, because the state of relaxation and pleasant visualization that Emilia introduces during the session and takes us on an exotic inner vacation.

Nothing more peculiar – in this subtle way will start a quiet, irreversible revolution on all levels of being…

It shows seeds of a new reality, discovers an authentic personality hidden behind layers of trauma and patterns of behaviour and thinking.

The internal propaganda that threatens us in a state of suffering and a feeling of helplessness is replaced by a new, open vision of our own possibilities and access to them.

If this ones will and determination – to work with Emilia, will come out of the prison of fear and stagnation …

Creativity, courage and passion replace the inadequate way of facing the circumstances.

Then, when it comes to unravelling the problems of everyday life, tools for this appear in unusual places naturally, by themselves…

After many years of working on myself, various possible therapies and readings, I settled in a quiet resignation that human existence is doomed to melancholic, awkward recovery from problems interspersed with crumbs of breath in moments without them – the illusion of “happiness”.

A hopeless conviction “you can’t complain, it’s not that bad … it can be worse … it’s worse for others”.

Comparing with what is saddest around us in search of a temporary reassurance that what we are in keeps us safe.

Behind the mask of stoicism, there is endless suffering as the price for this conformism.

I did not even imagine that it could be otherwise. Upbringing, school and society have conditioned us in the conviction that so little depends on us.

“It’s best” to fit in, listen to the enlightened opinions of experts on “various matters” … Let yourself be led like a trusting ship, try to get out of this frame – they’ll take you for a madman.

 Suddenly, we open our eyes and realize that we can shake off this state of omnipresent manipulation, regain a sense of efficiency and determination.

Get out of the rush of low emotions that overwhelm us, replacing it with an authentic state of freedom, happiness and joy.

Emilia helped me see the real world from a different perspective, sometimes shocking and painful when facing it.

Then she showed me how to shape it in an extraordinary way. There are new directions and desires associated with it.

The changes that started to take place in my life are indescribable due to their extent…

Motivation only increases because it turns out that everything is possible and within everyone’s reach.

«This is a dream. I am free. I can change. »Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Emilko, thank you with all my heart for all that I am not able to include in a simple comment, you know yourself – there is no way to hide anything from you;) …

Magda Rodini-Gili

Magda Rodini-Gili


I recommend sessions with Emilka to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

It has to be experienced because no words can describe it, everything I want to say.

She is very warm, kind, and focused on work and helping others woman, shares not only her vast knowledge but also her huge heart full of love.

I would like to thank her very much for her time, and for the opportunity she gave me to work on myself, for it awakened my fire and the desire to help other people. I can’t describe how much good she has brought to my life.

Even though we only had the chance to work through phone calls, and never really got the chance to meet Emilia in person, it feels like we’ve known each other from the beginning of this world! She is trustworthy and full of dedication.

I recommend Emilka to anyone who is really looking for a way and answers, how a teacher-mentor will lead you along a safe path and show you the light in the tunnel, and above all, teach that working on yourself is extremely important and it is worth working on yourself and changing the world by starting from Myself ?❤?❤?

Aga Pendrak

Aga Pendrak


Theta healing sessions with Emilia are indescribable in human language. Each session when she we enter the Theta state is an original and amazing experience. My body reacts differently, my thoughts flow slower and I feel relaxed in seconds. Her way of conducting the session is individual, intuitive, calm, thanks to which I feel well cared for and understood every time.  Various types of traumas and patterns that harmed, blocked and disharmonized my body, my mind, my soul, my life are simultaneously pulled out.  These wonderful, loving experiences during each such “journey”, plus my commitment and conscious observing myself, bring about adequate changes in everyday life. Now I feel like I am starting to truly live, not just be. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart to anyone who wants to take care of themselves and is open to new experiences from a higher dimension.

Sylwia Dmochowska

Sylwia Dmochowska


The meeting with Emilia introduced irreversible changes into my life, thanks to her I deepened my knowledge on the spiritual level. Now there is peace, harmony and love in my life, and my awareness is expanding every day. I am grateful to the Creator that I met Emilia – my Teacher, and both a Friend.  
I remember my first Theta-Healing session with Emilia, which opened like a magic door to the recesses of my soul. Using a unique gift combined with extensive knowledge, Emilia led me step by step towards the treatment of many traumas, the removal of patterns and healing on the physical and metaphysical level. Emilia is the Guide through whom I healed my body and soul during the Theta-Healing session.
During my regression hypnosis I found answers to my questions. In this journey, I have made a lot of changes going back in space-time, destroying all contracts that have negatively impacted my life in many areas. Emilia expertly performed hypnosis, in which I felt very safe with a feeling of full trust in my heart. After hypnosis, I am able to say that I am a happy, conscious and free person like never before in this human life.

Marta Protskiv

Marta Protskiv